2021 KIA Optima K5 Release Date, Specifications

2021 KIA Optima K5 Release Date

2021 KIA Optima K5 – The fifth-generation KIA Optima is a big leap forward in appearance and technology. The bad news, potentially, is that the changes are radically enough to guarantee a name change for the K5, the name used in Korea and other parts of the world.

KIA has made significant progress over the years, going from a boring consumer brand to one of the most interesting.

They’ve been burned lately, with the recent launch of all-new Telluride and Stinger a few years ago. Again, KIA is improving its game by introducing the new Optima, known as K5, abroad.

2021 KIA Optima K5

2021 KIA Optima K5
2021 KIA Optima K5

New Optima looks to be very interesting. It offers a stunning Fastback design, multiple powertrains options, a new two-speed wet double-clutch (8DCT) transmission, and a gorgeous modern interior design.

The front of the Optima/K5 Wagon presented remains identical to the sedan, but the roofline has been extended, and the car’s tail-end has been slightly stretched.

The striking LED backlight and the saloon light bar have been preserved and arguably matched with a better cart shade.

New Optima offers an entirely new interior design driver that aims to be minimalistic and open. After being pushed, I can attest to the feeling of the airy and excellent choice of interior material.

Depending on the Trim level you choose, KIA offers natural-looking wood Trim, sharp metal accents, a sporty flat steering wheel, and a new digital multimedia gauge system.

The K5 will be sold in Korea now. For the US, we have to wait until summer for cars to hit the dealer. There should be some in many in July. GT performance will follow later in the year.

This means there is still time to decide the name, but not much. It is the K5 in Korea and China and has traditionally been Optima in North America.

The sedan is no longer sold in Europe. We are told that even in the US, the sentiment is shared. Some feel the vehicle deserves a new moniker.

Others feel there is enough equity in the name of Optima to save. For some, the K5 will conjure up an image of the 1969-1994 Chevy Blazer that preceded the Tahoe.

At the moment, unclear K5/Optima will be sold as a cart. Sure, the previous generation Optima is offered as Sportwagon and also looks very good.

However, the new models will be available in fewer markets than its predecessor. One region where not to be sold is in Europe, a marketplace that will likely be the strongest for the possibilities of new Estate variations.

Obviously, South Korea’s cars want to sell new Optima in the market where it thinks it can prove popular and Europeans are not among them.

However, consumers in the United States will be pleased to know that they will be offered new cars.

Beyond the new attractive exterior design, the latest generation Optima also has a much better interior that includes a new widescreen infotainment system, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and some very nice decorations.

The designers decided to take the Optima in the sporty direction due to the aggressive feature of the ‘ Tiger-nose ‘ Grille with an integrated LED light and a unique daytime light running signature.

The body has a Fastback look with a rear tilt, making it look more like a sports sedan than the family car.

North American executives have the most influence in the final decision. Still, the naming committee of the parent company has sway, too, and could decide to want to harmonize the global name.

Automakers who choose an alphanumeric name usually strive for some consistency but do not always work. For example, the KIA K900 was originally supposed to be K9, but its name changed in North America, where K9 is the term for a police dog.

Either Way, Korea-specification K5 that we drove through Seoul to Hyundai Kia Motors Namyang Technology Research Center is very impressive in its evolution.

Like the Hyundai cousin, the Sonata, the 2011 Optima is a Game Changer and helps put the brand on buyers ‘ radar. But the fourth generation, introduced in the model year 2016, is a conservative refresh that fell a little flat.

For the fifth generation, 2020 Sonata and 2021 K5/Optima have gone big and bodies again. The Sonata raises eyebrows with sexy lines and innovative lamps that extend the hood.

2021 KIA Optima K5 Interior

2021 KIA Optima K5 Interior
2021 KIA Optima K5 Interior

2021 KIA Optima K5 Features

K5 does not embed lights in the hood but does not introduce so-called heartbeat lighting at both ends of the car.

The term refers to the jagged stem or Squiggles LED light that looks like reading on the ECG heart rate monitor. In the front, spinning large and dramatic into the daytime running lights.

The rear LEDs provide a more accurate replica of the heartbeat with spikes at each end and a flat line in the middle, a series of growing dashes that grow smaller where they meet in the middle.

K5 has the latest evolution of the KIA Tiger nose support, muscle hood, short overhang, wider air intake, and an elegant side profile with a chrome window line that starts on the A-pillar and runs the length of the car into the spoiler, accentuating the Fastback silhouette.

Do not look too hard behind the exhaust Tips; They are just real on GT. But this is still the sportiest KIA we see To date.

A new architecture en new the Sonata and is now K5/Optima. The future of intermediate and crossover cars will come from this platform developed under Albert Biermann, head of R&D and testing for Hyundai Motor Group and people who have injected performance into Korean brands.

The K5/Optima is designed with a more aggressive variant in mind. Now also has an all-wheel drive.

The 2021 K5 is wider, 2.0 inches longer, and 0.8 inches lower than its predecessor. KIA claims the 112.2-inch wheelbase is the longest in the segment. This means a lot of headroom and legroom in the front and back seats.

The Platform provides a rigid body and chassis in the vehicle that has dropped some weight with greater strength, mild steel.

The chassis is very forgiving, as evidenced by the ability of the car to handle various speed bumps in this country.

The expectation is that the suspension will be tightened for the US. We can not comment much on the handling as time drives we are in traffic or on the highway without the curve outside the ramps to assess the handling or Body roll.

Our K5s drove had 18-inch wheels with the Pirelli P Zero All-Season tire. The US Model is expected to get 18-and 19-inch wheels with an off-all-season option or a summer Ban.

2021 KIA Optima K5 Engine

Globally, the K5 will be offered with a new 1.6-liter Smartstream I-4 and, depending on the market, a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder, 2.5-liter turbo, and a high-performance version of the 2.5-liter for GT. (Sonata has a 1.6-liter and a 191-HP, 181-lb-ft 2.5-liter is naturally sucked in.

Korea got a hybrid with 2.0 liters. Although hybrid options are available, we are told there is no immediate plan for a hybrid or plug-in hybrid for the US, where KIA Niro fills this gap.

We could only drive a 1.6-liter car, which resulted in 180 HP and 195 lb-ft torque, paired with a new eight-speed automatic transmission, the first for the KIA.

This proved to be a powerful little combo. The acceleration is fast and smooth. Changing the drive mode does not produce a different experience except for Sport, which carries an artificially enhanced disposal record that changes the volume noticeably.

The improvement of the six provided speeds is seamless shifting, and the car has a Rotary dial gear new electronic shift. K5 in some markets will still get six speeds.

The GT, the US will get later in 2020, will have a high-performance 2.5-liter Smartstream turbocharged engine that gets 290-HP and 310-lb-ft from the torque and KIA’s eight-speed new wet dual-clutch auto.

KIA says GT will go from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.6 seconds. The family of Smartstream machines will also expand to include 3.5 liters for larger vehicles.

The 1.6-liter will be available at launch in the US, but the time other machines are still being determined for the US. We also do not know which machines will have a choice of AWD.

It is not even confirmed that the US model will get AWD. Still, we would be surprised if it is not available considering that competitors such as Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima offer it.

2021 KIA Optima K5 Release Date and Price

The LX, LXS, GT-Line, EX trim of the 2021 Kia K5 will be available at dealerships during Summer 2020. The high-performance K5 GT trim will be available in Fall 2020. The starting price for the 2021 Kia K5 is $23,490, while the most expensive K5 GT model starts at $30,490.

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