2022 KIA Mohave: New Mid-Size Pickup Truck

2022 KIA Mohave: New Mid-Size Pickup Truck

2022 KIA Mohave: New Mid-Size Pickup Truck – It was almost a year ago when the KIA confirmed it was developing a new mid-size pickup truck. We have not learned much since the then-the truck will not arrive until 2022 or 2023-although that does not stop the artist from taking the lead to fill the void.

The latest Rendering dreamed of KIA Mohave the new SUV as a truck, taking the third line of Windows and chairs and replacing them with the right truck beds – and the results were visible parts.

2022 KIA Mohave New Mid-Size Pickup Truck

2022 KIA Mohave New Mid-Size Pickup Truck
2022 KIA Mohave New Mid-Size Pickup Truck


2022 KIA Mohave Reviews

KIA introduced Mohave updated last August, presenting a bold, upscale looking model. It features an upright front end, sleek front, and rear lighting elements, and more. They are all carried away in rendering. The wide Grille, large headlights, and chunky fog lights are pushed to a bumper corner carrying more unchanged, which should be a proof of SUV design.

Things start to change further back. A kick up on the back glass Mohave moves into the second-row window – which looks like the one in Honda ridgeline but on steroids.

Behind it is a pretty big truck bed, although most medium-sized truck beds are about 5 to 6 feet long, and we wouldn’t expect KIA trucks to the brink from its competitors such as Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado. Some of the gray plastic cladding around the edges of the arch wheel add Mohave already like aesthetic trucks.

We don’t know what a KIA pickup will look like when it arrives. So far, KIA just let slip some detail-some body style, and it will come with both gas engines and diesel. We also knew it would be closer to Tacoma and Colorado than Ridgeline or even the Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck.

At the time, KIA Motors America refused to comment on the possibility of the truck reaching the US, although the spokesperson did say the company always explores opportunities.

We have seen some KIA Ute render earlier, but this is the first one based on the great SUV Mohave and comes courtesy of SRK design.

2022 KIA Mohave Chassis

Like the KIA Ute, Mohave has a ladder-frame chassis and is therefore relatively closest to the new model, so this makes it a very well-established stand better than the others.

The Mohave and rendering are naturally identical from the B-pillar forward, but the latter has a unique back door that is pressing towards the C-pillar, as opposed to the former rear bodywork which has the same design elements as the D-pillar.

And of course, the transformation of a large SUV to a mid-size Ute is resolved by the bathtub, which is an elongated version of the back of Mohave, albeit cut in half.

The final result? A Ute that looks quite difficult for our eyes. In fact, we’ll say it’s rude and ready, too, that will need to take a Ford Ranger and a friend.

While this makes is from a dual-cab pick-up, we know Ute the KIA will also be available in one-cab configurations, while diesel and gasoline engines are locked in, as well.

That said, the keen buyers will have to wait a while again, as UT KIA is expected to start as early as 2022. Keep in mind, though, 2023 has also been debated.

Either Way, Hyundai will launch its own Ute around the same time, with two models that are mechanically related. Time will send to what level.


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