New 2021 KIA Cerato GT Review, Pricing

New 2021 KIA Cerato GT Review, Pricing

New 2021 KIA Cerato GT Review, Pricing – There is a lot to like about the KIA Cerato GT, take where the character continue GT takes off. However, unlike the often forgotten three-door predecessors, the Cerato GT offers a wider appeal thanks to its more conventional and decent body layout sedan and automatic transmission availability.

Still benefiting all items such as exclusive multi-link suspension out of the return, upgraded suspension components, a larger sporty brake, the Michelin tire, and the same characteristic 1.6 lt Turbo offering the 150kW unmatched in its class.

New 2021 KIA Cerato GT Review, Pricing

New 2021 KIA Cerato GT Review, Pricing
New 2021 KIA Cerato GT Review, Pricing


New 2021 KIA Cerato GT Review, Pricing

After taking it, the initial impression promises thanks to a punchy engine that offers addictive torque delivery and surprising overtaking capabilities with no stress on the road. That seven-speed dual-clutch is automatic, which we take into account the majority of buyers will gravity for, is also a sweet unit.

But beyond mechanical, GT cabins are positively abundant with teeth. The abundance of dark skin sets a good tone as you enter the cab and settle into a power-adjusted driver seat (which is also heated and cooled), there is dual-zone climate control, eight-speaker JBL Sound System and a large 8.0-Inch Touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mirroring smartphone.

Secondly, the road is quiet. No school traffic, no commuting, tradies are taking vacations and once all tourists and Jayco have hit the highway, a happy city street is depopulated. Getting around the city is changing from a soul-sucking exercise to giving solitude almost like Zen. Thus, it is perfect for focusing on cars.

2021 KIA Cerato GT MSRP

Now there may be a lot of black pleather implying air luxuries for a Cerato GT cabin, but there are harder plastics in the interior than most of the Japanese rivals. But fit and finish is more than fun. Given the technology and convenience you find in combination with the Go cache-fast bits and very large power, the Cerato GT may have you thinking with the MSRP going closer to the $40,000, not the actual price list of $32,990.

It was a graceful reminder of how sublime to live with, a well-equipped sedan can – the larger car feels almost extravagant by comparison. However, there is an elephant indoors. The biggest surprise we found was, well… Shocks.

GT, like all KIAS, are sold here, benefits from a local-tuned suspension, but it’s wildly over-damped for every day around the city driving duty. Both lumps and rebounds attenuation are assertive over imperfections in which other rivals will glide over.

It was too late for a meeting, I decided to push the old Nissan back in the garage and swap key for the trusty Cerato GT. This-naturally-started without fuss so I pointed the nose to the hills and headed off.

Arriving at the Outer-Suburbs servo, KIA stuck more than a little to the rising fleet of Japanese Hi-PO sports machines. It was far and away from the latest cars there; One of the few from this side of the millennium.

On the next Bowser overworking FD-generation Mazda RX-7 interesting, with a vicious sound like it barely in low-revs. The owner is finely blended along with the oil and petrol herb machine. I? I just topper Cerato with gasoline and bought some Brekky and coffee.

2021 KIA Cerato GT Interior

2021 KIA Cerato GT Interior
2021 KIA Cerato GT Interior

KIA got some confused reactions – as I don’t have a different Skyline, but in-down it’s pretty good to have a car that doesn’t require constant monitoring and anxiety, and in truth – I’m very curious how to price A reasonable modern Korean sport-flavor sedan could hold its own with some of Japan’s most beloved.

We covered hundreds of kilometers that day: Ride through Warburton, then Reefton, with a short outing to Lake Mountain, then cross over to Marysville and back through Healesville.

While the company Cerato GT and chassis a hard tuning is a striking obstacle in urban settings, Zesty Koreans come alive on open windy roads. The firmness of the chassis produces a high degree of tranquility through lateral force, and-in other cases-a loud ride communicates the road surface and Camber’s unexpected changes.

Mid-range torque is provided by a unit with a sweet 1.6 liter turbocharged, coupled with a dual-clutch transmission made for a massively engaging experience, describing the tangible performance substance behind the daily commute can be compromised. Even front-drive configurations are allowed for a little bit of fun if you head to a hot corner – headed.

Strangely for me, the Cerato GT remained well in-Stead with a respectable Japanese company, even drawing an eye weekend sports bicyclist who wondered how the little KIA kept up with the fire breathing Mark II Toyota up Lake Mountain.

The KIA Cerato GT may still be a little bit too focused for many drivers in everyday scenarios, but it offers real sporting achievements and a duality that appeals to performance enthusiasts who may have only one garage space.

2020 Kia Cerato GT Features

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